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Collect data on fill level, door usage, location, temperature,...  This data  optimizes operations and reduces truck rolls, saving you money.

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Our smart sensors monitor the health of Lithium batteries during storage and transport. Our IoT solutions improve safety and efficiency.

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Use smart sensors in your collection points for for better storage and collection insights. Our sensors save costs and reduce truck rolls.

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Unitron Connect is your technology partner
for Purpose-built IoT solutions

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Thinking beyond technology

Digitalisation encourages companies to rethink the ways they approach their businesses and gives them the tools to improve their business strategies.  

However, the focus of many of today's digitalisation projects lies mostly on the technology aspect of the innovation. While this aspect is very important, we also notice that a lot of these projects struggle to get their product to the market (free whitepaper here)

To make your project a success, it's important to think beyond the use of sensors and think in terms of how digitalization can optimize your business and process in order to create added value.

We go for the personal approach

To work effectively, we always start by understanding your business, application and evolution.

Based on our IOT & digitalization experience, we will ask you the right questions to fully understand your expected project outcomes. To ensure your project's success, you will be involved during each step of the project.

We focus on building a strong and long-term relationship with our partners. We go the extra mile in making sure you are part of our big family.

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Our digitalisation and IoT expertise
is powered by
strong colaboration with
research partners and strategic alliances

Are you having a hard time finding
the right IoT connectivity for your application?
We have experience working with multiple connectivity partners

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Part of the UnitronGroup

In a world where more and more physical objects are being connected,
Radio-Frequency (RF) expertise is key. 
Unitron Connect, part of the UnitronGroup,
is your technology partner for all your customized IP and RF solutions.

UnitronGroup is a family-owned international group of companies that develops, produces and sells telecommunication, multimedia and Internet of Things solutions




Full time



Est. 1989 

Celebrating 30 years of
RF expertise

17 Million

Robust and high quality products sold

#1 partner 

For the world's biggest service providers (SKY, AT&T)

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