Design for manufacturing

We manufacture your future proof solutions

Our in-house manufacturing assures high quality solutions

Manufacturing is not an aftermath for Unitron. From project day 1, we take into account the manufacturability of the design and the choice of components.
This will have an important impact on:
- the overall cost: choosing industrial grade components from reliable sources, while keeping the product cost low
- long term availability: selecting future proof components or and selecting components that can be easily interchanged
- quality of the overall solution, as your solution is as strong as its weakest link

As IoT is in most cases project driven, we can include the different development stages into our offering: research tests, trials, POC’s, prototyping,…
When we need to scale, we have a capacity of +100k units per month in one of our robotised and ISO certified production plants.

These also include:
- Reflow soldering process
- (selected) wave soldering
- Automated conformal coating
- AOI inspection
- X-ray inspection

As you also want your solution to look good and protect it against environmental conditions, we have the know-how to design and produce its casing (plastic or metal) in house.

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