Smart Logistics

Improving efficiency in logistics processes

Today there are still too many expensive laborintensive processes which can be automated easily. For example, in domain of safety processes:
- Monitoring the level in alcogel dispensers
- Recording the usage / availability of medical kits
- Checking if your fire-extinguishers are still up to date
- Is your AED equipment working correctly?

A purpose built IoT device for monitoring logistics processes will lower operation cost
and increase reliability in the overall process.
What can you learn from mapping the logistics process:

- Collect information of your goods during transport and storage
- More efficient collection routes
- Save time and reduce CO2
- Save money by only fill/empty when necessary

Investing in a off-the-shelf sensor will only get you limited info.
You might also learn a lot from additional data points like: temperature, humidity, vibration, gas, shock, time-of-flight, degree of fullness,... Combining multiple datapoints in a single solution will not only save time and cost, but can provide business critical information, improving quality, safety and efficiency.


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